the year the first-order

The historical meaning of the Iran visit of Prime Minister Abe

the year the first-order Prime Minister Abe month 0 days, explains that after consultation on the phone with Saudi Arabia of Muhammad Prince. Muhammad bin monkey Maan - from Wikipedia Prime Minister Abe is Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince and the telephone conversation, seek the understanding of Iran visit Prime Minister Abe month 0 days, in consultation about 0 minutes on the phone with Saudi Arabia of Muhammad Crown Prince, were exchanged views on the situation in the Middle East to tension in the confrontation of the United States and Iran. Prime Minister is in the final adjusted by visiting the dates of the Iran until the date to Sunday, it is seen to have asked for understanding in Saudi Arabia to confrontation with Iran. B) A-san, it was also a specialty of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Arabic. Middle East is also a professional area. The A) Prime Minister in such form is visiting Iran, to also sensitive time as the timing, since the confrontation with the United States, such about are people who are fueled in part of the White House, I think very good.