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Research materials on the contemporary Middle East politics Islam

the year the first-order In the Asian Resources Room, in order to document collection is a reference for collection development of difficult areas, it is listening to the opinions of regular external experts. Heisei date, end invited the near Kota Ritsumeikan University Department of International Relations Associate Professor (at the time), the theme of [modern research materials on Middle East political Islam], on the material collected in the research trends and library of Middle East politics research who talk of considerations. The following is to introduce the summary. Research Trends in the Middle East Political Science] First of all, I would like to organize the research trends in the Middle East Political Science], the methodology, the region, from the point of view of One of the era. () Methodology: one of the [Middle East Political Science] - Middle East [Political Science] and [Middle East Politics] Science - The methodology of [Middle East Political Science], let's roughly in the next One of the wording.