the year the first-order

The reason that Saudi Arabia has become a patrimonial welfare state

the year the first-order Reason to look to history, Saudi Arabia has become a patrimonial welfare state This time, let's viewed from the history of Saudi Arabia. It is a country and [Saudi Arabia] in the sense that [Saud family of Arabic]. The name refers to represent the body, but this country what tells us the Saudi national polity. Saudi 00 years ago, the father of the current Kingdom of Saudi Arabia founding, while fighting with the tribe of Ibunsaudo is around, repeat the marriage of convenience, it was time to have met under the umbrella one after another. Record in the deficiencies, but that one is not clear was married formally what wives Ibunsaudo, the number of the son of the throne is a man. From the first generation Saud King up to the current second generation Saruman the king, the king is all, it is occupied by the sons of the founder Ibunsaudo king called [second generation]. Was enacted in the year [Saudi Arabia of governance Basic Law (hereinafter, [Basic Law])] is in the condition [the Kingdom of governance, what is left to the children and grandchildren of his father Abdul Aziz bin Abu dot La Haman alpha Lee monkey Earl Saud of founding to.